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The Harmony of Rock Formations; Cappadocia Fairy Chimney Valleys

In the Cappadocia region, there are many fairy chimney structures that are similar to each other but in different shapes. While some of these fairy chimneys became active living spaces with the carving of stones, some remained in their natural state.

The formation of fairy chimneys in the region occurred 10 million years ago due to the volcanic movements of Erciyes, Hasandağ and Güllüdağ in the region. The lava masses erupting out of the volcanoes formed a tuff layer with a thickness of 100-150 meters on the streams and plateaus in the region, and these layers were affected by natural occurrences such as rivers, winds, floods and lakes over time, and today’s shapes were formed. The change process in fairy chimneys is still in progress. The fairy chimney valleys in the Cappadocia region, which have emerged in many different forms, have gained more popularity with their location and interesting shapes, and have become a frequent destination for tourists as a tourism destination. Here, the most popular Dervent, Love, Pigeon, and Rose Valleys will be introduced.

Dervent Valley

Dervent Valley is another valley located between Avanos and Ürgüp and has fairy chimneys in different shapes. The feature that distinguishes this valley from the other valleys is the lack of living spaces such as churches, carved houses, etc. in the valley. Dervent is also known as Hayal Valley and Pink Valley due to the meaning of the structures it houses. There are stone structures resembling different animal figures in the valley. Some of them are very evident and can be imagined in different ways with the imagination of the travelers themselves. For this reason, it is called the Valley of Dreams.

In the most popular spot of the Dervent Valley which is located at the crossing point by vehicle; Camels, caravans behind camels, horses, rabbits, kissing ducks, Virgin Mary and many human figures with Napoleon hats can be seen clearly. These shapes can vary according to people’s imaginations. As in the other valleys of the Cappadocia region, legends are told to describe the formation of this valley. According to the legend, the army that had come to kill the people living in the region completely turned into stone when a Dede, who has a shrine there had prayed for the people who were defenseless against the enemy armies. Therefore, the legend explaining that both human and animal figures were formed is stated.

Dervent Valley is also known as Pink Valley with its pink color structure. Especially during sunset, when the sunlight hits the rock structures, the valley offers a wonderful scenic view with bright pink color. The sunset point at the highest part of the valley on the Avanos-Ürgüp Road is among the most popular stopping spots for sunset tours of Cappadocia.

Love Valley

Extending parallel to the north of Goreme, Love Valley is in an area which covers approximately 5 square kilometers. Since it is far from popular places such as Göreme, Avanos and Uçhisar and due to the roads being not in very good condition, most of those who come to the Cappadocia region leave without visiting this valley. However, this is a place worth seeing and not to be missed while in Cappadocia. It is among the important visiting places of balloon tours. The valley is also known as the Baglidere Valley because it is in the Baglidere location.

You can come to a certain point in the valley by car and discover the beauties from the observation terrace, or if you have time, you can explore the valley with a wonderful trekking tour. The valley is reached by passing through many wonderful vineyards far from city life. In the valley, there are mostly white stone structures and wonderful mushroom alike stone structures. In certain places, there are amazing fairy chimneys as beautiful as the ones in Smurfs movie. It is stated that Love Valley got its name from the abundance of marriage proposals made here and the shapes of the stone structures in the valley.

Pigeon Valley

Güvercinlik Valley is located in Uçhisar. It extends towards Göreme from the southern part of Uçhisar Castle. The valley takes its name from the pigeons. There are living quarters in the valley, and it has a historical importance. During the historical process, the people living in the region have been breeding pigeons since the 9th century. In existing structures, there are holes in the rocks for pigeons. Since grape cultivation is very common in the region, pigeon manure was produced and used in agriculture. Furthermore, pigeon manure was used in the making of frescoes in the churches built in the region to make them last longer.

Although people do not live in the valley today, pigeons continue their lives actively in the valley. Since Güvercinlik Valley is located right on the Göreme-Uçhisar-Ortahisar and Kaymaklı tour route, it is a frequent destination for visitors coming to the Cappadocia region. While coming to see Uçhisar Castle or after visiting the castle and passing to the other points, the beauties of the valley can be discovered from the different terraces that see the valley from above. For those who have time, it is possible to do some exploration by trekking between Uçhisar and Göreme in the Güvercinlik Valley.

Three Beauties Fairy Chimney

Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys are known as the symbol of all fairy chimneys in the Cappadocia region. They are located on the Ürgüp Ortahisar road. There are three separate fairy chimneys, two big and one small. It has a typical fairy chimney structure. There is also a viewing terrace where the Three Beauties are located, and a panoramic view of the Cappadocia Valleys can be seen from the observation terrace.

There is a legend that made the Three Beauties fairy chimneys popular. Legend has it that a princess living in the area falls in love with a shepherd on the mountain. The king opposes their marriage. But the princess runs away with the shepherd and gets married. After a while, the princess and the shepherd have a child. Thinking that the King will soften after the princess has a child, she sends the news that she wants to visit the King. However, the King does not show any softening and sends an army unit to the place where the Princess and the shepherd are and have all three of them killed. According to the legend, the two big fairy chimneys represent the parents while the small fairy chimney represent the child.

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