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Peace and Quiet!

Organic Pokut Tour

Organic Pokut Tour

$950 / per person
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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” and Pokut is absoultely reminds it. Eveything is better in the mountains comparing to crowded city life and Pokut is calling you! “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself!” (R.W.Emerson).

You are welcome to our Organic Pokut Tour which you will be able to bring you peace! This is a special tour for those who are seeking a peaceful nature and place for relaxing and enjoying with local culture up to the mountains above the clouds.

This tour is unique because of its nature, accommodation, environment, organic food etc. You will have a memorable and amazing holiday in Pokut with our special treatment.

Please note that the tour route and program may differ based on weather conditions.

Please contact us if you are planning to book more than 1 pax for discount.

Confirmation of Group Tours

At our company, we strive to offer you the best travel experiences, including our group tours. However, we would like to emphasize that these group tours are subject to a minimum requirement of four travelers in order to proceed as planned.

While we always make every effort to gather a sufficient number of participants, there are instances where we may not reach the minimum threshold. We need minimum 4 pax to depart for the group tour. In such cases below 4 pax, we regretfully have to inform you that the group tour will not be guaranteed.

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience or disappointment, especially if you have already made arrangements or have been looking forward to the tour. Please be assured that this decision is not taken lightly, and we explore all possibilities to secure the necessary number of participants.

In the event that a group tour is not guaranteed, we will promptly notify you and discuss alternative options. These may include rescheduling the tour, joining another existing group, or exploring individual tour arrangements. Our aim is to accommodate your preferences and ensure you still have a memorable and enjoyable travel experience.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility in this matter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We are here to assist you and provide further guidance.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Trabzon Airport/Trabzon Airport
  • Departure Time
    Any time for arrival. Tour starts the following morning at 9:00am
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
  • Included
    Airport Transfer
    Museum/National Park Fees
    Travel Health Insurance
  • Not Included
    Domestic Flights

Tour Plan


Welcome to Pokut

We welcome you at airport or we can pick you up from any hotel in Trabzon Rize area. We just drive to Pokut Highland. Pokut is amazing and the accommodation you will stay is also amazing. You will be staying at Pokut Orion Boutique Hotel. This is a family run accommodation which attracts people for their candor and humble owners. The owner, Zafer, used to be a bagpipe instrument designer and this place was his father's highland house. He has spent his entire life in this highland and converted highland house into a boutique hotel with his extraordinary efforts and capabilities. He also plays bagpipe for his guests at night. Ayşe, his wife, takes care of cleaning, housing and cooking staf with her assistant. Ayşe's smiling face always makes her customers happy. Her dedication to make her customers happy worths for eveything. She is well organized and arranges all activities as her home. You feel like you are at your home. She cooks delicious local food for customers. So, Zafer and Ayşe, as owner of the accommodation, make this tour more attractive. They welcome you in their main hall which represents both traditional and modern architecture of the region. Having a nice dinner by Ayşe, let’s have a freshly brewed organic tea fixed over the traditional village stove. Also, don’t forget to taste delicious yayla sütlacı (rice puding) orignally prepared by Ayşe. Have rest in wooden rooms and relax in peaceful nature

Explore Pokut and Sal

Here is highland. Fresh air doesn’t allow you to sleep longer. You will probably wake up with the sunrise in early morning. Let’s go out and watch sunrise from the top of the hill above the Pokut. Then, let’ hike along the highland, spend some time and turn back to hotel. Ayşe’s amazing breakfast ready! Everything you see in breakfast table has long history and meaningful. She delicately prepares eveything. She prepares jam, cheese, organic butter, cream, cakes etc. She also offeres freshly milked milk in the morning. Have a nice breakfast tasting various handmade food. Then, let’s go out and walk around highland. Let’s meet with local people, especially meet with Yaşar who is the shepard of the highland. He is dedicated to take care of his cattles and he is so curious about preserving the highland environment. He reminds all visitors no to leave trashes around. He is so kind and so friendly that you wouldn’t like to end your conversation with him. You will be able to understand the real culture of highland with Yaşar. Macit is another local whom you shoul meet. He has a bagpipe and goes around the highland. When visitors come to highland he just play pagpipe and peple start to dance horon. Let’s meet with Macit and go up to the Sunset Cafe at the top of hill. Have tea and coffee there. Then, swing over the clouds at Sunset Cafe. Atfter that, let’s Macit play bagpipe and let’s dance horon all together. You should not say that you don’t know how to practice horon. We will teach you how to do that. It’s easy to learn. So, let’s practice horon at the top of the Pokut. The voice of bagpipe is so compatible with the environment you will be and you will enjoy it. Afterwards, let’s hike to Sal higland. See beautiful wooden highland houses there. Watch goats, cattles and experience local life there. Stop by highland cafe there and meet with the owner of cafe Learn about how to make organic food in highland. Have their local sucuk. Spend some time in Sal Highlans. Then, hike back to Pokut. In the evening, taste Ayşe’s delicious local dinner. Then, meet with yaşar in the hotel and sing local songs all together. Play tulum and practice horon all together. This is an ordinary evining for Pokut. Experience local indepth.

From Pokut to Hazindağ

Let’s have breakfast in the morning and leave for hiking. Today, we will visit Hazindağ Highland which is a 3 hour hiking distance. If you wish we will hike. If not, we can have a jeep safari tour to hazindağ. Hike inside the forest. In most of the areas, pathways doesn’t exist because of new road construction. However, we will enjoy peaceful nature along the way to hazindağ. Finally, we reach to Hazindağ. Walk around highland. Meet with local people. Stop by a highlans restaurant to have lucnh there. Have local luch and tea after the lunch. Walk up to the Hazindağ to have a terrace view of valley. Enjoy beautiful view of nature from Hazindağ. Then, drive back to Pokut and overnight there.

Goodby Pokut!

Today is the last day of our tour. The owner feel sorry to say goodbye tomorrow. So, we will have a grand finale night all together. Have tea and cakes, sing local songs, dance horon, tell funny stories, and share your experiences all together. In the morning, have a nice breakfast and pack up. It’s time to leave Pokut. Say goodbye to Pokut saying that you hope to see Pokut again. We just drive back to Çamlıhemşin. Stop buy local market. Spend some time in Çamlıhemşin and then transfer to Airport based on your flight schedule.

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