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Turkey COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Information to Travel Turkey

Updated on March 23, 2021


Turkey welcomes tourists from all around the world by taking various precautions regarding Covid 19. We operate our tours based on safe tourism concept. Turkey’s ‘Safe Tourism Program’ defines and advises an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to transportation, accommodation, and food services.

Turkey’s international borders are open for travelers who satisfy Turkish immigration rules. Here are some precautions for travelers:

  • All passengers are required to wear masks at the airport and during the flights. It is mandatory to wear a face mask at all times outside the home throughout Turkey
  • Passengers arriving in Turkey are required to submit a negative PCR test (Nucleic acid). Transit passengers are exempt to provide PCR tests. The sample for the test must have been taken within 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure flights.
  • All passenders arriving in Turkey need to fill out an online “Form for Entry to Turkey ” from the following link:  within 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure flight. Passengers will be asked for passport info, countries visited in the past 10 days and address in Turkey while filling out the online form.
  • Passengers will obtain a document after submitting the form. Each passenger’s HES code will be automatically generated in this form. Passengers need to keep a printed or online version of this form since you may be checked at the border. Print out or the mobile screenshot of the filled form will have to be submitted to airline crew before boarding. Passengers will also need same HES code later on during hotel check in, restaurants, and museum entrance.
  • The Government of Turkey applies  a four-tier system on local COVID-19 related restrictions. Provinces are now divided into 4 different risk groups: low (blue), medium (yellow), high (orange), and very high (red) based on infection and vaccination rates. To view the map, please visit the following page:
  • There is a nationwide curfew between 9PM and 5AM. Monday through Friday.
  • For regions in the “high” and “very high” category, Sunday curfews remain in effect starting from 9 p.m. on Saturday through 5 a.m. Monday.
  • Dining establishments (restaurants, patisseries, cafes, and cafeterias) will be open for in-person dining at half capacity nationwide between 7AM and 7PM, excluding “very high”-risk regions. A HES code is required to enter these dining establishments.
  • Local restrictions may require the use of HES codes to enter state buildings, schools, and public spaces such as malls, restaurants, cafes, libraries, sport centers, wedding halls, barbers, beauty parlors, massage parlors and game halls.
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, barbers and hairdressers will only be open for service during the hours of 07:00-19:00.
  • Movie theaters, soccer fields, and similar facilities are open for regions in the low and middle category.
  • PCR testing is available at Istanbul Airport. There is no need for an appointment to visit the airport’s testing center, as it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  The testing center is in front of Entrance 14 in Arrivals Hall. The test fee is 250 TL or about $35 for all ages. You must arrive at the airport at least 6 hours prior to your flight with a valid ticket and a valid passport, test results take up to 5 hours.
  • PCR testing is now available at Ankara Esenboğa Airport. There is no need for an appointment to visit the airport’s testing center, as it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The testing center is located in the International Departures Terminal, past the checkpoint, on the ground floor by the First Aid Office. The test fee is 250 TL or about $35 for all ages. You must arrive at the airport at least 7 hours prior to your flight with a valid ticket and a valid passport, as test results take up to 6 hours.
  • Passengers in transit, with less than six months validity left on their passports will not be allowed to depart the airport transit areas in order to obtain a COVID test.  Passengers who are unable to exit the transit area and require a COVID-19 test can request it at the transit area information desk.
  • All passengers and airline crew will undergo a medical examination and those showing symptoms will have tests performed.

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