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Turkey East & South

East and south Anatolia is the place where old meets modern where history meets nature. Erzurum, Kars, Dogubayazit, and Van are main touristic destinations in east. Ani Ruins in Kars, Ishakpasha Palace in Dogubayazit, and Akdamar island in Van are the most popular destinations to see. Moving from east to south the harmony of culture evolves. Midyat, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Adiyaman, and Diyarbakir are primary destinations for tourists. Mardin Old City, Gobeklitepe, Zeugma Museum and Mount Nemrut are some of the highlighted points in the region.

Van is famous for its distinctive domestic white cats but it’s also a great place to sightseeing. Akdamar is an island in Van lake where a 10th century church sits among beautiful almond trees. Other attractions include castle, historic sites, and waterfalls.

Gobeklitepe is located in Urfa province in the southeast part of the Turkey. It originates to 12.000 years ago and it has become very popular destination in Turkey for travelers. Discovered in 12st Century, its discovery changed the history of humanity. It is considered as the center of pilgrimage and faith during the Neolitic Age.

You can also experience east culture in Urfa visiting Balikligol, local markets and Harran Ruins as well.

Mount Nemrut is another UNESCO World Heritage site. It is spiritually significant destination since there are giant statues representing ancient Armenian, Greek, and Persian gods and animal figures, such as lions and eagles. King Antioch designated as a burial mound a place of eternal rest for ancient kings. It has been remarkably well preserved overtime. Many visitors come to learn about the history and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.Mount Nemrut is located in Adiyaman province with a summit of 2,206 m. which is considered as the highest point of Mesopotamia region. The site presents the heritage of Commagene Kindom. You can see Arsemia which was the capital of the Commagene Kingdom, Severan Bridge which is the Roman Bridge of Cendere, and Mausoleum of the King. The statues of sanctuary and Gods are other unique ancient pieces in Nemrut.

You can discover  remarkable civilization unifying different beliefs and cultures in Nemrut. Climbing the mountain and watching the sunrise is truly a spritual experience in Nemrut. You are welcome to experience different cultures with our Turkey small group or private tours!

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