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Istanbul;The Harmony of Cultures!

Istanbul is an amazing city since it’s full of history, culture, entertainment, nature and so on. It has been the capital city of Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman Empires for more than 1500 years. Istanbul doesn’t fit in one continent, so the city has both Asian and European side, which can be considered as the center where east and the west culture meets in harmony.

You can experience both traditional and modern styles all around Istanbul. With a 15 million population, it is the largest and most developed city of Turkey. Istanbul welcomes diverse cultures all around the world. You can find yourself in Istanbul! You can spend weeks to discover Istanbul if you have time but 2-to 3 days would be enough to cover most popular destinations around the city.

Istanbul is the home of two continents. Its both sides have different beauties. Most of popular destinations are located in Old City Istanbul in European side. Istanbul welcomes millions of tourists all around the world each year as a starting point of Turkey tours. Most Turkey Tours starts or ends in Istanbul.

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